Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 and Beyond

2017 was a really interesting year.  Politics and workplace harassment dominated the headlines from start to finish. Natural disaster touched every part of the world causing loss of life and devastating damage to cities and islands.  In the midst of all the chaos, there were several reasons to feel good about the future and approach 2018 with a sense of optimism.  People united to support causes and provide disaster relief in numbers never seen before.  Either women found their voice in 2017 or men started to listen or some combination of the two, and that was great for everyone.  There is plenty to build on for the new year.  Self-care has emerged as a leading method of self-love and appreciation.  People are taking time for themselves; unplugging from the internet/social media, reading books, visiting museums, taking walks, cooking, painting (while drinking wine) and many other activities that are healthy alternatives from our traditional time wasters & hogs.  As you prepare for the new year, try to focus on the things that will make you happy; spending as much time as you can with the people you care about the most and doing the things you love.  Strengthen bonds with the people who matter, even if it means having tough conversations to resolve past differences.  If you are not in a good place financially, there are resources out there to help you, both paid and free, to transition into a better paying job.   Look for a position that pays you what you need to make all of your ends meet without having to shuffle bills or pick up a second job.  Just because you can buy something does not mean you can afford it.  Sit down and evaluate your financial situation, make sure all of your household expenses are covered and then determine how much you can afford to save before you start spending.  Max out your 401K, your older self will be glad you did.  If you need help, talk to someone about your finances who can help you get things in order.  Be encouraged.  Be optimistic.  Pay it forward.  Be positive.  Spread love.

We have a lot in store for you in 2018.  We started in August of this year and presented this monthly newsletter and blog both on our website and Blogger site.  We have content-rich social media space on LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and Google+ with daily articles to assist and inform you about any number of employment-related content.  Next year we will introduce our podcast on our YouTube channel so if you are so inclined and would like some helpful and useful information on your timeline so make sure you add us and subscribe to our sites, blogs, and channels.  Use #DEEMPLOYMENTSOLUTIONS (I know it’s a mouthful) to find us all over the internet as well. 

Bring your better self into the year, focusing on the positive.  Try not to consume as much negativity, we were all force fed what seemed like an endless supply of bad/fake news, drama, hostility, and mischief in 2017 but that doesn’t mean we have to accept that today or a couple weeks from today.  You are what you eat and that includes your brain so try not to take in so much of what is wrong with the world and try to increase your diet of positivity.  This will allow you to sustain changes you plan to make past the month of February 😊 giving you a brighter outlook and perspective on life.  Be a shining example for children.  Let them see positive examples everywhere they turn.  Plant the seeds of creativity, independent thought, and kindness in them.  Allow them to fail so they are better equipped to handle it when they get older.  Be a better partner to your significant other, if you have one.  Decide you want to be the best partner you can be and contribute to the relationship fully.  Talk about your problems and try to resolve them without someone being the “winner”.  Listen to understand, not to respond.  Be each other’s peace.  If you still have your parents show them how much you appreciate them every chance you get.  Talk to them at least twice a week.  Cherish them while you still have the opportunity.  If your parents are gone cherish their memory, they are still alive inside of you.  Continue to talk to them.  Write them letters.  Keep your favorite picture of them in your phone.  Do whatever suits you to revel in their spirit.  We are in complete control of our mood, our thoughts, and our feelings.  It is up to us to manage our highs and lows.  We cannot be successful if we are not in the right mind frame to make it happen.

We would like to wish you, your family and friends a safe, pleasant ending to 2017 and a wonderful entrance into 2018! 

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