Saturday, July 15, 2017

Workplace Superstar!

Have you ever wondered how some people are always respected and relied upon in the workplace?  Have you and some co-workers discussed the possibility of a fellow co-worker being a brown noser?  Do you find yourself trying to figure out how you can best position yourself in the workplace to maximize the relationship as much as possible?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions here are a few tips to help you swing the pendulum in your favor.

1.                    Always do your best.  Everywhere.  Just like your muscles this is something that only improves the more that you do it.  You will be very surprised how easy it becomes the more you focus on doing your very best.  When you put forth your best effort a few things happen.  You feel a complete sense of satisfaction because there is nothing else you can do.  It is usually very easy to recognize and appreciate your effort even if they don’t acknowledge it.  The trick is not to think about how the company benefits because they are already reaping the benefits of your talent for an agreed upon sum of money.  Think about how much better it makes you and how it will allow you to transfer that great habit into your personal and spiritual relationships.  Doing your best will also either make you really stand out in a sea of mediocrity in the office or it will inspire other to step their game up to keep up with you.  Either way it is a win for you.  Just make sure you are being completely honest with yourself about what your best is, that is the only way this will work for you.
2.                 Don’t take anything personally at work.  Ever.  It is a 100% waste of energy and time.  Even if you feel like it was a personal attack.  Ignore it.  Always take the high road and never let anyone discourage you from being the great person you are.  If you feel like your ideas aren’t being considered, don’t stop sharing them!  If you feel like your feedback isn’t being taken seriously, don’t stop sharing it!  If you feel like you can add more and you want to expand your role to use/sharpen skills - ask!  And don’t stop asking!  If someone doesn’t like you or they are choosing to use their position to hold you back you are your biggest and best advocate.  Whatever you do, keep it professional, don’t take it personally and do NOT let it stop you from getting where you are trying to go.  Being negative has never ever yielded any positive results!
3.                  Be accountable.  Anyone can be great when things are going well.  Be great when things are terrible.  If something is your fault just own it, learn from it and never repeat it.  Finger-pointing and excuse making will never get you where you want to go.  It’s easily identifiable behavior and nobody likes it including you so don’t do it.  Trust your greatness.  Trust that doing your best is good enough.  If you tell someone you are going to do something, make sure you do it.  If you aren’t able to complete it at the agreed upon time let them know as soon as you know you can’t meet the deadline.  Honesty is also a key ingredient in accountability, sprinkle it generously everywhere!

Real decision makers reward those who demonstrate all of these qualities and characteristics.  Every now and then you will run into a situation where none of the above applies and those you have to deal with but you can position yourself in the best possible light by keeping those three things in mind as you go about your daily work routine.  

Make the Change

Fear of change has been haunting us since birth.  It doesn’t matter if we really like our current circumstances or not, the fear of the unknown has held people back from doing things different since the beginning of time.  Familiarity provides a blanket of comfort, even if it’s old, musty and scratchy we know what to expect from it.  We are very aware of exactly how it will make us feel and Change is folded up in a new box.  We can read the name of it on the outside.  We usually know what it will cost us and what it is made of but what we don’t know is how it will make us feel.  If it will be any better or worse than the blanket we already have. 

So how do we win?  I remember going to the pool for the first time with my family and my father picking me up and throwing me in the water.  I didn’t like it.  Fear and anxiety literally swirling around me.  But then I realized something.  My feet were on the bottom of the pool and I was standing up.  And there were other kids playing and having fun.  And some of them were swimming.  And they were all about my age.  At that point I realized not only was there nothing for me to be afraid of but I could actually enjoy this a lot more than watching from the side.  My dad didn’t ask me if I wanted to go in.  He didn’t try to convince me that it would be fun and I would learn to love swimming.  He just picked me up and threw me in.  The easiest way to get through change is to face it head on.  Very cliché of course but the less time you spend dwelling on every possible outcome the more time you give yourself to adapt and adjust.  You are awesome, and you will make the best of the situation.  You know this is true because your past is littered with proof and examples.  Depending out what the change is centered around can make it feel like a daunting task ahead of you and maybe it is.  But the truth is you are capable of accomplishing anything and the first step in adapting to change is embracing it from the very beginning.  When tossed in a pool of water you don’t have much of a choice and sometimes we are literally tossed in with no warning.  The sooner we recover from the initial shock and get our bearings then the sooner we can wrap our arms around it and make the best decisions about how we will thrive in this new environment.  The longer you resist and fight it the longer it will take for you to settle in and thrive.  Embrace it with a positive attitude and you will be in a much better position whether its professionally, personally or spiritually.