Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hold Yourself Up

We’re facing a lot of challenges in 2017.  The world is becoming more and more dangerous with each passing day it seems.  The earth is retaliating against its most destructive inhabitant.  Politicians are talking but not leading.  Racism is rearing its head at every turn.  Unemployment and job dissatisfaction adding to the daily frustrations life throws at us.  Through all of this, we have to remember something very important.  Something very personal and done on an individual basis even if we are married or in a relationship with someone else.  Hold yourself up.  Love yourself completely and fully.  Not only for what you are today and what you have accomplished but also what you can and what you are striving to become.  Holding yourself up will allow you to help those around you, especially those who need you.  Do whatever you do to remain positive, confident and powerful.  Make it a habit to have everything you need to keep yourself up and ready to take on whatever life has in store for you, because you never know when things will turn left and then it is too late.  do to get started.   Treat yourself as well as you possibly can with more experiences and fewer things.  Treat your body and mind like your most cherished possessions, because they are.  Drink lots of water.  Eat something for breakfast every day.  Whatever uplifts your spirit: practice it as much as you can.  Forgive those who need forgiving and apologize when you know you should.  All the excess baggage you can get off your shoulders do it as soon as you possibly can.  You will be so glad you did, and it will allow you to move forward and leave the past behind you. 
You are strong enough to handle anything, even on your worst, most trying day, as long as you constantly hold yourself up.  Doing kind things for others (including strangers), driving without road rage, spending quality time with the people you love are all things you can do to keep the positive energy flowing!  Spend as much time as you can doing the things that make you happy, it will help you get through all of the swirl going on around us every day.  Hold yourself up.

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